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What Is Reiki? An Introduction to the Healing Practice

May 12, 2023
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Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and could use a little extra support. Reiki may be the answer! Reiki is an incredible healing practice that can help open up doors to many possibilities and bring balance back into our lives. It’s been around for centuries, yet it remains one of the most powerful modalities available today. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to what reiki is all about so you can decide if this ancient practice might be right for you.

History of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that has already been in existence for centuries but was only formally established around the late 19th century. The origin of Reiki can be traced back to Japan, where it was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. Traditional Reiki is a spiritual practice rooted in Buddhism and Shintoism, which seeks to promote balance within one’s life. Early practitioners of Reiki employed the use of symbols, hand positions, and mantras to channel energy from the universe into their own bodies, as well as other people’s bodies, in order to heal physical ailments or emotional distress. 

Japanese reiki utilizes various techniques, such as chakra balancing and visualization, to bring about equilibrium between mind, body, and soul. This type of holistic approach allows us to understand how our thoughts and beliefs affect our overall health. With this understanding comes greater awareness about our lives and the choices we make, leading us toward greater well-being and happiness. 

Principles and Techniques of Reiki

The principles and techniques of Reiki are based on the teachings of Dr. Usui and have been passed down through various lineages. The core principles of Reiki are often summarized in five principles or affirmations known as the Reiki Principles or Reiki Precepts. These principles are:

    • Just for today, I will not be angry.

This principle encourages individuals to let go of anger and cultivate a sense of inner peace. It emphasizes the importance of managing and releasing negative emotions, such as anger, as they can disrupt the flow of energy and create imbalances in the body and mind.


    • Just for today, I will not worry.

This principle reminds individuals to live in the present moment and refrain from excessive worrying about the future. Worrying can cause stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact one’s well-being. By focusing on the present and practicing mindfulness, individuals can find greater peace and clarity.

    • Just for today, I will be grateful.

This principle encourages the practice of gratitude. Being grateful fosters a positive mindset and helps individuals appreciate the abundance and blessings in their lives. It cultivates a sense of contentment and opens the heart to receiving and giving love and positive energy.

    • Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

This principle emphasizes the importance of integrity and ethical behavior in one’s work or daily activities. It encourages individuals to be honest, sincere, and diligent in their efforts, promoting a sense of personal responsibility and contributing to the overall well-being of oneself and others.

    • Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

This principle promotes compassion and kindness towards all living beings. It encourages individuals to treat others with respect, empathy, and understanding, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life. By practicing kindness, individuals contribute to a harmonious and loving environment.

These principles serve as guidelines for living a balanced and harmonious life, promoting self-healing and personal growth. They emphasize the importance of cultivating positive attitudes and behaviors in the present moment.

In terms of techniques, Reiki primarily involves the practitioner placing their hands lightly on or just above the recipient’s body in a series of hand positions. The practitioner acts as a channel for the universal life force energy, allowing it to flow through them and into the recipient. The energy is believed to promote healing by restoring balance and removing blockages in the body’s energy pathways.

Reiki can be used for self-healing as well as for healing others. It is a non-invasive practice that can be applied to various physical, emotional, and mental conditions. Some practitioners also incorporate the use of symbols and mantras to enhance the energy-healing process. These symbols are considered sacred and are used as a focal point to direct and amplify the Reiki energy.

Benefits and Effects of Reiki

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Reiki is believed to offer a range of benefits and effects, both on a physical and energetic level. While individual experiences may vary, some common benefits and effects of Reiki include:

    • Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Reiki induces a deep state of relaxation, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It activates the body’s natural relaxation response, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.


    • Pain Relief and Healing: Reiki is often used to alleviate physical pain and support the body’s natural healing processes. By balancing the body’s energy, it can help reduce discomfort and promote faster recovery from injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions.


    • Improved Emotional Well-being: Reiki can have a positive impact on emotional well-being by helping to release and heal emotional blockages. It can promote feelings of peace, inner harmony, and emotional stability, leading to improved mood and a greater sense of overall happiness.


    • Enhanced Energy and Vitality: Reiki is believed to recharge and replenish the body’s energy, leaving individuals feeling revitalized and invigorated. It can help to clear stagnant energy, increase vitality, and restore balance to the body’s energy centers.


    • Increased Self-awareness and Spiritual Growth: Reiki is not limited to physical healing; it also supports personal and spiritual growth. Through regular practice, individuals may experience increased self-awareness, a deeper connection with their spirituality, and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.


    • Support for Mental Clarity and Focus: Reiki can help calm the mind, reduce mental chatter, and enhance clarity and focus. It promotes a state of relaxation that can improve concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function.


    • Strengthened Immune System: Reiki is believed to support the body’s immune system, helping to enhance its natural defenses and resilience. By balancing the energy flow within the body, Reiki can optimize the functioning of various bodily systems, including the immune system.

Types of Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a holistic healing practice that can be offered in many forms. Depending on the individual’s needs and preferences, there are several types of Reiki sessions available. These include hands-on reiki healing sessions, distant or remote energy healing sessions, and group therapy sessions.

Hands-on Reiki Healing Sessions

This involves the Reiki practitioner laying their hands directly on the recipient’s body to channel life force energy into them for balancing and restoring their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. During this type of session, the practitioner may use specific hand placements over energy centers known as chakras or ‘energy wheels’ located throughout the body. They may also use light touch and massage techniques to help clear any blockages in these areas, which could be contributing to an imbalance in one’s well-being.

Distant or Remote Energy Healing Sessions 

This type of session does not require direct contact between the practitioner and recipient; instead, they work with energies at a distance through visualization methods such as sending symbols or shapes associated with Reiki out into space toward someone else’s aura who is in need of healing. This form of Reiki has been said to be just as effective as hands-on treatments because energetic fields exist beyond time and space barriers.

Group Therapy Sessions

This often combines aspects from both the Hands-On and Distance approach when working with groups of people simultaneously by placing hands lightly upon each person while utilizing visualizations to send out healing messages all around the room at once. Group therapies have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to unite individuals together for collective benefits without having to travel far distances for treatment.

The various types of Reiki sessions offer something special for everyone depending on what your goals are for seeking out this kind of alternative medicine approach. It is important, however, to find a qualified practitioner who can assess your needs and provide you with personalized care tailored specifically towards helping you reach optimum levels of balance in mind, body, and spirit connection so that you feel empowered enough to continue living life more holistically.

How to Find a Qualified Reiki Practitioner

When seeking a qualified reiki practitioner, it is important to be picky. Researching and asking questions will help ensure that you find the right person for your needs. A good place to start looking is with certified or licensed healthcare professionals who may offer reiki as part of their practice. Many therapists are now offering reiki healing sessions in addition to more traditional therapies.

Another option is to use an online directory, which lists qualified practitioners from around the world by location, type of certification, and area of expertise. You can also search for local organizations related to reiki, like professional associations or centers focusing on energy healing practices. These groups often have members available for private consultations or classes.

Verifying certifications and credentials should not be overlooked when choosing a practitioner. Request references from other clients, if possible, and ask about the quality of training they’ve received before scheduling any treatments. Doing your due diligence ahead of time will give you peace of mind while receiving a reiki session –– and prepare you for safety considerations when engaging in this form of energy work.

The Bottom Line

Reiki is an incredibly effective way to help bring balance back into our lives. It helps us relax and open up while allowing us to access deeper levels of consciousness where true healing takes place. With regular practice and dedication, Reiki can become an integral part of our self-care routine that brings profound peace and wellness into our lives.

If you’re in Siesta Key looking for a qualified Reiki practitioner, Spa Experience Siesta Key is here for you. Our goal is to help you achieve balance, harmony, and a deep sense of well-being. Schedule an appointment today!