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Massage Therapy Siesta Key Florida

Regain your body’s natural sense of balance and eliminate the pain that’s stopping you from being your best self. Spa Experience Siesta Key boasts an array of massage therapies that can help you heal, relax, and unwind no matter how busy your life gets. Our licensed massage therapists will listen to your needs and preferences so that we can create the best relaxation experience for you.

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Professional Massage Therapy on Siesta Key

Relaxation has never been easier at Spa Experience Siesta Key! We offer a combination of different massage modalities to develop a customized treatment designed for your body’s needs and comfort. So whether you need a day of complete relaxation or want to alleviate pain or discomfort, our licensed massage therapists can help you. Our massage therapies can also be combined with our facial treatments through our spa packages. 

*All massages include aromatherapy and hot towels for a maximum relaxation experience.

Massage Rates

30-Minute Massage
60-Minute Massage
90-Minute Massage
2-Hours Massage
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Couples Massage

Share the bliss of healing and relaxation with a 60 or 90-minute couples massage. Our beautiful spacious room includes romantic touches perfect for you and your sweetheart! Massages can be relaxing deep tissue or a combination of both. Not just for couples! You can bring your son or daughter or anyone you love! Celebrate, heal and get pampered together!

$210 | 60 Minutes
$330 | 90 Minutes

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Get the ultimate relaxation an expectant mother truly deserves. The pain of bearing a child takes a toll on the mother’s body. That’s why it’s even more imperative for pregnant women to relax and pamper themselves every now and then. 

A prenatal massage involves a Swedish-style full-body massage to improve circulation, increases relaxation, and eases body pains from the pressure on the body due to pregnancy. You will experience gentle, relaxing strokes that will nurture both the mother and the baby.

*We highly recommend you consult with your health care provider to determine if you are fit to have a prenatal massage.

$105 | 60 Minutes

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Medical Rehabilitative Therapy

Experience the best of all therapeutic modalities. This service includes the latest energy medicine devices including H-wave for lymphatic drainage and powerful pain relief and Qrs Pulsed electromagnetic therapy mat and accessories.

Connie  will also offer lifestyle coaching, Reiki healing cupping hot stones trigger point massage and stretching. She is also experienced with IBS abdominal massage and can add that you your service if needed. Each session is tailored to your specific needs at time of service.

Spa director Connie Lewis brings the latest energy medicine therapies directly from Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach FL. During this service various healing therapies will be introduced based on every clients individual challenges.

$150 | 60 Minutes
$215 | 90 Minutes

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Massage Enhancements

Level up your relaxation with our massage enhancements. These are add-ons you can purchase along with full massage therapy to further relax your mind and body during your massage therapy.

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Hot Stones

Ease body, mind, and spriting with warm comforting smooth heated river rocks. The stones are used to warm muscles, easing tension and soreness. Heated stones provide a soothing warm temperature to the body. Our massage therapists use hot stones to get deeper into the muscle tissue while using aromatherapy massage oil to add a deeper level of relaxation.

Massage Rate + $25

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This ancient healing method helps to release tight tense muscles and fascia using a variety of suction cups that are applied to areas of concern. While they may leave marks, they will also leave you feeling more relaxed and with less pain.

Ease muscle pain and tension while boosting your body’s natural healing process. Cupping can help improve blood flow and the body’s ‘Qi.’ It is an excellent add-on to your facial or massage to promote cell repair, relieve muscle tension, and boost your spa experience.

Massage Rate + $25

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Aromatherapy Full Body Glow

Get your beach body ready with our aromatherapy full body salt glow! This add-on is an excellent way to detox your skin and exfoliate your entire body, delivering sensational healing and relaxation. It also includes a moisturizing treatment at the end of the therapy to rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and brand new.

Massage Rate + $70

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CBD Treatment

Enhance your massage therapy with the powerful and relaxing CBD oil treatment. CBD or Cannabidiol can help you soothe your mind and body while easing pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Relieve your stress and experience immediate relaxation during your massage therapy with this add-on!

Massage Rate + $25

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We Welcome You to Our Day Spa

Nestled amidst the world class white sand beaches on Siesta Key, we offer you a serene place of beauty, relaxation, and wellness. Let us transform your stress into positive energy through the perfect spa experience.