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Energy Medicine in Siesta Key, Florida

Have you ever lost focus and your balance and mobility become lesser and lesser? Our state-of-the-art holistic therapy, H-Wave, offers individuals a unique healing method to restore body functions – balance, mobility, and even strength. To recover your full potential well-being, let us help bring your energy back and relieve the pain.

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Jump-Start Your Recovery from Pain and Restore Functional Mobility With H-Wave Therapy

The H-Wave device offers pain relief using rhythmic, non-fatiguing muscle contraction to promote healing of joint, bone, or soft tissue injuries. The low frequency setting increases circulation and oxygenation while the high frequency setting reduces pain.

This H-Wave technology creates a homeostatic (balanced) environment for an injured area that enhances tissue regrowth and prevents deterioration. These actions can increase healing time significantly, even after casted, braced, or otherwise immobile limbs. The use of fluid dynamics in this technology reduces acute or chronic pain for long periods of time by removing the cause of pain, inflammation, and damage in the infected area.

H-Wave is a key method used in sports medicine today. It is also utilized to address neuropathy and accelerate the healing of slow healing ulcers and soft tissue injuries.

This technology is FDA Registered and designed by Licensed Medical Professionals with evidence-based research.

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Medical Rehabilitative Therapy

Experience the best of all therapeutic modalities. This service includes the latest energy medicine devices including H-wave for lymphatic drainage and powerful pain relief and Qrs Pulsed electromagnetic therapy mat and accessories.

She will also offer lifestyle coaching, Reiki healing cupping hot stones trigger point massage and stretching. She is also experienced with IBS abdominal massage and can add that you your service if needed. Each session is tailored to your specific needs at time of service. 

$150 | 60 Minutes
$215 | 90 Minutes

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Healthy cells: the source of our vitality

Liveliness, Zest for Life and Life Force represent the Highest Vitality and are the desirable aim of every person. Vitality is not guaranteed. It has to be developed, cared for and preserved.

Compared to our vitality, our health either exists or it doesn’t. But preserving it has become a real challenge at a time when pollution, noise and stress are real challenges.

To face this challenge, it is important to know where to find the source for a vital and healthy life. QRS is now available on Siesta Key for all to experience.

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QRS ® is used to treat pain and many health conditions where pharmacological therapy has been unsuccessful. It supports both cell-vitalization and cell metabolism by targeting ion transport. The entire metabolism is activated, the immune system stabilized and enhanced, and cell regeneration promoted, resulting in a strengthening of weakened body functions naturally. 

International QRS ® research has produced over 200 scientific papers helping to establish user protocols. No harmful side effects have been noted to this day (since 1990, about 200,000 units using QRS ® technology have been produced).

Quantum Medicine is thus scientifically proven. It is based on the controlled use of Quantum-Resonant fields. Specifically, the Quantum Resonance System QRS ® realizes a positive outcoume by targeting the organism with the respective electromagnetic application fields.

The medically accepted therapeutic effects of this are manifold. It reaches every part of the organism, even the smallest blood vessels are activated. In the body the bones are strengthened, the exchange of cellular nutritional and waste products is intensified, the reorganization of proteins is accelerated, and the bodies weak electromagnetic fields are strengthened and stabilized. Overall, the regeneration of cellular components is stimulated and the effectiveness of the immune system is increased.

This is achieved by activation of cell metabolism. This alone brings about the transport of ions and QRS ® in particular of protons into and out of the cell. The patented process provides the cell with a a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. It frees the cell from slags and toxins.

QRS ® provides a significant increase of the oxygen in tissue and causes the transport of substances through solidified or weakened tissue structures. It supports the natural healing forces of the organism and helps to combat the causes of a disease without any side effects

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